Monday, February 3, 2014

A single fly can contaminate feed/food with enough bacteria to cause illness!

The fly is an enemy because it is one of the biggest disease carriers in existence. Moist, warm, decaying material protected by sunlight is favored for fly eggs to hatch and in only 8 short hours for fly larvae or maggots to grow. An uncovered garbage can is an ideal breeding place. Flies feed and reproduce on filth, decaying matter, and water.
Flies are transmitters of disease primarily because they feed on human and animal wastes. The dangerous bacteria present in the wastes stick to the mouth, footpads and hairs of flies and may then be deposited in feed intended for animal consumption. Fly feces, which contain disease-bearing organisms, can also contaminate human food. Flies defecate every four to five minutes. And since flies have no teeth and must take their nourishment in liquid form, they spit on solid food and let the food dissolve before consuming it. Fly spittle, or vomitus, is swarming with bacteria and contaminates feed and areas where feed is stored.Disease Ridden Barn Fly
  • A fly can infect feed/food by merely landing on it.
  • Flies can enter a building that has openings not much larger than the head of a pin.
  • Although they rarely travel very far from where they are hatched, flies may be lured to the sources of attractive odors. Flies may also be carried long distances by air current.
  • One female fly can produce thousands of offspring in a single breeding season. Flies have favorite resting places and are especially fond of places protected from the wind and on edges such as garbage can rims and electric wires.
  • Flies carry bacteria that can cause many diseases known and unknown to man.
  • Studies have shown that one fly can carry over 1 million bacteria on the inner and outer surfaces of it body.
  • Dead Fly ZoneOther studies have shown that there are over 120,000 different fly species.
  • The fly is one of the fastest flying insects and it's vision is sharp for only 24-36 inches.
  • One season can breed as much as
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