Monday, February 3, 2014

Horse Keeping on a small place

Perhaps you are thinking of taking on the task of caring for your horse at your own facility and have wondered what might be involved. I speak from experience since I took that big plunge some 15 years ago knowing that I had just 3.5 acres of which my home already took up a half an acre of that space. I hope my experience gives you the courage to take on the care of your horse even if you have a small space to work with as there is no bigger reward than having your equine friend close by.

Before we begin the long list of ideas and lessons I have learned, let’s make certain you have already gained the permission from your home owners association, city or county governments to keep your horse on premises and build a barn. I had to do both so I prepared a lay-out drawing with great detail and made my presentation to both the subdivision in which I live and our city and county government officials. I found the more detail I was able to provide, the more each party believed I was serious about keeping it neat and tidy and would bring an asset to the community and our area. During that presentation phase, I invited the city and county officials to my facility before and after construction. Keeping governing officials involved is a big plus. Preparing my presentation was also a great tool in the preplanning process.

There is much to be said on this topic so we will bring this information to you in segments. In the first segment we will cover SITE SELECTION. The segments to follow will be BARN PLANS and lastly PASTURE MANAGEMENT. Follow our additions of HORSE KEEPING ON A SMALL SPACE on FaceBook, enewsletters and our web site.

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